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Ask my lovely clients


"From years of daily pain I am most of the time pain free. That's a big fat HOURA! 
My periods are not the same anymore, from ruining my bed and not daring going out for at least 3 days I can have a social life, I can work, I can rest and enjoy. 
I'm not stressed anymore about my food, it took me some time and it's still a work in progress but I have significantly increased the variety of what I eat.
And I sleep! like full night without interruptions most of the time and I can now identify why I had a bad one and how to adjust."

Virignie, UK


"Docotr's treatment for endo is like all the things you learn at school that you have to do, but aren't helpful for adulting, like algebra.

Whereas what Kat teaches and the resources and confidence she gives us to manage our own endo is like all the things you needed to learn but were never taught, like taxes and mortgages."

Lucy, UK


“I did this when I finally decided (4 years after being diagnosed) that I had lived long enough with endo in control of my life. Not only do I now understand what endo is and how to manage it, I have opened parts of my life that I thought were forever closed.

Kat is compassionate, courageous, honest, and realistic in a way that will help you find the same in yourself. Love love love!”

Leigh, Canada


“I have so so much knowledge, a much deeper understanding of how my body works, why all the things that are good/bad for me are what they are. Confidence in my ability to actually make changes to my life without feeling completely overwhelmed. I've learned from Kat how not to task myself with the impossible, keeping myself locked in the cycle of failure and self-criticism.”

Dani, UK


"Kat makes you feel instantly comfortable. She really knows her stuff and comes from a place of actually having endometriosis. She has made me feel so much more confident with different strategies to help me move forward, with my everyday life. This course is informative, friendly and professional. Thank you Kat."

Becky, UK


“I have spent many $$$ and seen many different practitioners in the last decade to treat my Endometriosis symptoms and from this I got ACTUAL practical resources, tools, and personal support!! The bottom line is: this was created for people with endometriosis by a fellow endo warrior who is also a highly qualified Nutritonal Therapist and educator. Kat has actually been there and she really knows her sh**!!”

Shanna, USA

“A wonderful experience that was empowering in ways I didn't expect. I feel like I have the knowledge I was craving to understand endo, and to make the changes necessary, as well as soo many tools to help with the journey. I felt a little nervous, but Kat made everything easy to digest, and made it feel like a sisterhood of shared experiences that made all the times you felt bad or guilty or mad about what you've been told and how overwhelming and frustrating all made sense.”

Ambar, UK

I invested in working with Kat for 6 months and I am so glad I did. It was an investment for me but totally worth it. She helped me to navigate my journey with endo before, during and after surgery. It was incredible support, very encouraging and realistic to follow. I actually eat more foods now that I was scared of eating before and have a much healthier relationship with food and my approach to self-care. Thank you Kat for this work together. I feel great in my body and confidence in this work!

Lisa, Ireland

Learned more about endo and trauma. I've realised just how much self care plays a part in endo management, having previously thought it was all drugs and surgery! And more regular poops! And making time for myself for self care.

Anon, UK

"Because I know now that knowledge is power, I have the opportunity to create the space and take the time to put together all that I need to enjoy my life in my body with endometriosis"

Virginie, UK

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