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DNA testing options

1) DNA Endo Foundation Session

DNA hormone test + 90minute session and full plan

6 weeks of unlimited messenger support

You want evidenced, personalised endo planning.⁠
You want to get the info and run with it.⁠
You don't need support in implementing it.⁠
You can keep accountable and track progress.⁠
You're curious about your mind and body.⁠

DNA testing enables us to look at the permanent mechanics that make your endometriosis unique: your stress hormones; sex hormones; detoxification pathways; neurotransmitters and inflammatory processes. ⁠

This means we can get to the bottom of endo pain drivers, hormone imbalances, mood issues, infertility factors and more. ⁠

£1439.69 (or £359.90/month x4)

2) 6 months endo DNA coaching

DNA test + 4 sessions and unlimited support

You want to get clear on your priorities.

You struggle to sustain change and need help implementing.

You're looking to fully understand what endometriosis is and what's happening in your body.

You want to work on your mental and emotional health.

You want support in your back pocket at all times.

Get exceptional results with intensive support and personalised planning.

This coaching experience is a 6 month process which equips you with a holistic long term plan to improve your physical, mental and emotional symptoms.

£2,370 (or £466.10/month x6)

Additional DNA panels are available on request to focus on specific endometriosis aims including:

Mental health


Chronic Fatigue

Weight Loss

Feel free to register for a service then contact Kat to discuss your needs at

Coaching. No tests.

1) Endo Control Consultation

60 min session, comprehensive food, supplement and lifestyle plan

6 weeks of unlimitted messenger support

You want a personalised plan.

You've tried everything but nothing works.

You're confused by all the conflicting advice out there.


You'll complete a detailed medical and symptom history before our session, along with a food diary for me to study your goals and biochemistry. 

£413 (or £103.25/month x4)

2) 6 months endo coaching

4 sessions and unlimited support

You need support making changes.

You struggle to stay on track.

You're overwhelmed.

You need someone to talk to on a regular basis.

This is a 6 month process which focuses on long term progress and relief from physical and emotional symptoms.

£1,854.96 (or £309.16/month x6)

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Can I do this from any country?


I work with endo girls all over the world. All consultations are online via zoom.

Shipping outside of the UK involves a small additional courier fee:  £20 for Ireland, £25 for Europe, and £49 for beyond Europe.

How do I take the DNA sample?

I'll send you a test kit which involves rubbing a small swab on the inside of your cheek.

If you're in the UK, simply return via any post box using the prepaid envelope. If you're not, just take it to the post office and use tracked delivery.
Your sample isn't time sensitive.

What if I'm on hormone meds?

One of the great things about DNA testing is that the results will never change using any medications, supplements or cyclically. 

Whatever meds you're using, we can still make huge discoveries and progress, whether you want to stay on the meds or stop them.

Should I do it before or after surgery?

The sooner you get going with your test, the sooner I can take a look at the results and tell you where your priority areas are. 

It's always advantageous to get cracking on your hormone balance and mental health before surgery, as long as it's not tmi for you right now.

Will the DNA test help me with fertility?

It can certainly help, particularly when it comes to looking at your progesterone, estrogen and cortisol pathways.

If fertility is your primary concern, let me know and I will choose a Methylation panel for you which examines important fertility pathways.

How can I start working with you?

Firstly, consider whether you need coaching and support, or you're happy with a plan and can implement it on your own.

If you want support and to develop a full understanding of your disease, apply for DNA Coaching. If you're just looking for a plan based on your DNA, book a Foundation Session with me above.

What's the turn around time?

DNA test results are complete 3-4 weeks after they are received by the lab in the UK. 

If you're doing DNA Coaching with me, we'll have our first session straight after you book. If you've booked a Foundation Session, I'll give you the green light to book our session. This is a crucial part of the process to help you understand your results.

How accurate are the tests?

This is not a functional test. Your DNA doesn't change or fluctuate. Your genetic code remains the same throughout your life.

The genotyping methodology that Lifecode GX use is very accurate (at least 99.9%). Results that fail quality control are not reported (shown on the report as a ‘no result’). 

Does the test diagnose anything?


These panels are not diagnostic. Very few diseases are related to single genes.

What we're looking at here is how your chemical pathways are working. In some cases, this can give us clues about whether you're predisposed so certain health conditions. 

What are the benefits of this testing?

For an overview on how DNA testing enables us to manage our endo better, see the page 'Why DNA testing?'

Learn more about DNA testing

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