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"Kat's course is a must for anyone who works with endo clients."

Lara Ecroyd, Pharmacist & Ayurvedic Endo Practitioner

The Endoplan Practitioner Programme

I know, first hand, how frustrating and disheartening it can be to support clients with endometriosis when a) information is so conflicting around the condition and b) your recommendations don't seem to get results.

Replay my practitioner webinar 'Why is it so hard to support endo clients?' HERE.

I'm sharing my tried and tested naturopathic approach to endometriosis which gets my clients unparalleled results. As an endo sufferer, I've devoted my life to better living with the disease.

Listen to my discussion with Nicole Jardim about my approach to endometriosis on her podcast HERE.


October group now open

£973 / £243.25 monthly

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Up your endo game

In 5 weeks

Endo pain in practice

Learn how to provide effective and complete care for your endometriosis clients to reduce their pain and improve their quality of life.

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The entire series of lectures was informative and presented beautifully.  I feel that I have a much more solid background now that I hope will enable me to help ladies with this all-encompassing diagnosis - I know that everything I've learnt will benefit all of my non-endo clients too.


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Kat's course is a must for anyone that works with endometriosis clients. This course hugely exceeded my expectations, and the content is thorough, evidenced and it's clear it has been put together by someone who not only has the lived experience but is an expert in their field. Throw in the fact that Kat used to be a teacher and is overall just a lovely person and you have a course that is one of a kind. I couldn't recommend it more.


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This has been a great course for updating my knowledge on Endometriosis. A lot of the women I see in my clinic although not with endo have such similar medical historys (told its in there heads, chronic pain etc) that it was a great cross over for the type of clients I see. I now have a better understanding to support my clients further.



All units include information on Kat's area of specialism: DNA testing for endometriosis

Unit 1

Understanding Endometriosis

  • Abberent immunity

  • Estrogen dependence

  • Autoimmunity?

  • Causative theories

  • Diagnosis, Medical/surgical treatments

  • Stage classifications?

  • Microbiome

  • Fertility

  • What's out role in all this?

Unit 2

Understanding Endometriosis Clients

  • The Endo Nervous System

  • Redefining Trauma & Nervous System Dysregulation

  • Endometriosis as a uniquely traumatic condition

  • Key clinical focus symptoms & management

  • Fostering honest and open communication with endo clients

  • Vagal Toning

  • Structuring your services

  • Preemptive action in practice

Unit 3

Nutrition principals

  • Our therapeautic goals

  • Reminders of Macro & Micronutrients

  • Fear Foods and eliminations

  • Facilitating food changes

  • Special Nutrients

  • Supplements in clinic

  • Supplement considerations

Unit 4

Pain Mechanisms and the Pain Brain

  • Key pain mechanisms

  • Missing pieces in endo pain management

  • The neuroscience of pain

  • The Fear/Pain cycle

  • Rewiring behavioural patterns

  • The RAS

  • Corrective pain exposure

  • Somatic tracking

Unit 5

Estrogen and Functional Testing

  • Estrogen and the immune system

  • Progesterone/estrogen balance

  • Estrogen dependance

  • Estrogen receptors

  • The estrobalome

  • Managing the estrogen load

  • Estrogen-altering micronutrients

  • Testing and endo clients

  • DNA testing

  • Case studies

BONUS UNIT: for early bird registration only

Special Guest Practitioner

Register before July 31st and gain access to a 60 minute session with a leading nutrition practitioner.

Practitioner to be announced.

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What's Included?

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Weekly Sessions

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Private Facebook Group

  • x5 90 minute live sessions

  • Evidence links provided throughout

  • Each session includes curriculum and Q&A time

  • Slides and recordings

  • Case studies and examples

  • Suggested tasks to develop understanding

  • Resources to help you plan and deliver

  • Client handouts and documents 

  • Suggested further reading and references

  • Leading Practitioners and past programme members

  • Lifetime membership

  • Get support from top endo practitioners

  • Share case studies and queries

More Practitioner Programme Love

Middle Aged Woman

Lisa Bhatt

This course has given me new insights in how to approach my clients with endometriosis, not just from an intervention perspective but also in considering how I approach working with clients, in informing what kind of service I am offering and in understanding my remit. It has been invaluable.

Supporting clients with endometriosis is rarely straightforward. As an endo sufferer myself, I've focused my research and clinical practice on a new model for endo support based on the 'pain triad:' biochemical support; anatomical interventions and neurological management. 

I passionately believe that as practitioners, we need to understand the unique obstacles and challenges endo clients face in accessing and implementing a therapeutic protocol. 

The chronic pain brain MUST be understood by everyone seeing endo clients, as well as the current thinking around the pathology and disease progression. 

The endoplan Practitioner Programme covers all the bases you need to serve endo clients confidently and effectively.

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