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Why DNA?

Endometriosis, but better...

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What is it?

Our DNA pathways are like giant road networks which shuttle our hormones, neurotransmitters and waste products around our bodies.

All of us have tiny variations on each gene, which effects the speed and effectiveness of each road.

Just like the vehicles on our highways, we might run into traffic jams, road closures, accidents or long, empty roads that encourage us to speed.

Problems on our roads mean greater physical, mental and emotional endo symptoms.

In fact, there are specific genetic variations which have been linked to endometriosis.

How can it help my endo?

Whilst we can't alter our DNA itself, we can take action to smooth out the traffic on our genetic endo highways once we know where the problems are.

A good example of this is estrogen. We've all heard that high levels of oestrogen feeds our endometriosis. However, if you don't know what's really going on with your estrogen pathways, it's impossible to take effective action.

My DNA hormone test shows us EXACTLY what's going on with your estrogen and how we can fix things to slow your endo growth, improve your symtoms and give you back your quality of life.

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What will my plan include?

No, it's not all about excluding things!

It's more about ADDING foods, drinks, supplements and nervous system activities to get your roads flowing nice and smoothly.

Sometimes it turns out that the supplements you've been taking might be making your end worse rather than better, or those foods you've been avoiding are the ones you need the most.

We sometimes discover that certain chemicals, ingredients or situations aren't great for you and your pathways, but there is rarely a need to cut anything out completely.

Collecting your DNA sample

Unlike other functional test on the market, DNA tests are unaffected by medications, supplements or cyclical changes. Your DNA code will NEVER alter.

Collecting your sample could not be easier; simply rub the swab on the inside of your cheek and return the sample via the envelope provided. If you're in the UK, just drop it into a post box. If you're outside the UK, no problem. A small courier fee will be invoiced to you separately. You can find more information on this in my FAQ page

Image by Greg Rosenke

The testing company

I use the wonderful UK based, female run company, LifecodeGX, who I began training with 5 years ago.

Their customer service, ethics and report qualities are unparalleled, and your data is handled with the utmost care. Data is never shied or sold and is always destroyed after 6 months.

You can find sample reports and further information about LifecodeGX here:

Want to get started?

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