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DNA testing
Endo management
without the

guess work

Hi. I'm Kat.

I'm a nutritional therapist. But I wasn't always an endo expert.
Like you, I was going about my life an until one day, I couldn't. I left my career in teaching and retrained.

I now help women all over the world to live happier, fuller lives with endometriosis, using cutting edge gentic testing.
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Who says you have to suffer in silence?
As endo girls, we have zero time for fads or quick fixes.
We need answers and we need a plan.

Genetic testing is the answer.

your endo DNA journey

how it works


Pick service

Some girls want structure and support. Some just want a personalised plan to run with. You choose.


Return swab

Wherever you are in the world, I'll send you a test kit to complete and return. It's a super simple cheek swab.


Bespoke planning

I'll be studying your genetic makeup, medical info and symptoms to provide you with answers and a personalised plan.


Goodbye Guesswork!

With a plan that's right for you, life with endo changes, transforming physical, mental and emotional symtoms.

Which do you need?

I want DNA testing and coaching

I just want coaching, no tests


“I did this when I finally decided (4 years after being diagnosed) that I had lived long enough with endo in control of my life. Not only do I now understand what endo is and how to manage it, I have opened parts of my life that I thought were forever closed. Kat is compassionate, courageous, honest, and realistic in a way that will help you find the same in yourself. Love love love!”

Leigh, Canada


Thanks. I'll be in touch so keep an eye on your junk mail

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