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Gut Barrier & Intolerance Tests

This revolutionary finger prick test allows you to see how inflammation and pathogens are driving your endometriosis.

LPS is linked to the disease progression, and can now be assessed in this simple, gut focused test, along with Candida and Leaky Gut.

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Gut Barrier test and written report

Choose this option if you're looking to get a written plan based on your test results. This is usually a staggered protocol that recommends food and supplement strategies over the course of around 4 months, depending on your results.


Gut barrier test and consultation plan

Eradicating stubborn bacterial and fungal infections can be tricky, and requires a detailed plan. If you're looking for support in managing your gut issues with a personalised plan, choose this option. I'll study your food diary, medical and symptom history, and test results to design a bespoke plan which we will discuss in a 90 minute consultation. This is followed by 6 weeks of unlimited messenger support with me.


Gut barrier test and

Food Inflammation test -

Consultation & Plan

Food intolerances are temporary indicators of a damaged gut. This option enables you to heal the gut wall and immune system, then gradually reintroduce each food without causing the issues to return. This includes a 90min consultation and 6 weeks of unlimited support.



Food Inflammation Test, Gut Barrier Test, DNA Hormone test - 


Get unparalleled endometriosis management with this comprehensive GUT and HORMONE programme.

This option enables you to heal the gut wall and immune system whilst minimising endo regrowth caused by LPS and hormonal imbalances.

This is the ultimate option for those looking to reduce the need for future laparoscopic excision surgeries.

Includes a 90min consultation and 6 weeks of unlimited support.

If you're not sure which tests or options you need right now, let me help you. Book a free chat to discuss any combination of DNA or gut testing.

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